Food safety and quality is of paramount importance in our company.

For that reason, in Distribuciones Avícolas Arranz, we consult with health care professionals that make sure of the safety and quality of our products, supervising every stage of production through our system of self-control  HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System), standardized control system of risk prevention.

This system permits the identification, evaluation and maintenance processes to control the risks that could affect the safety of the food that is produced and commercialized. This extra care and attention is not soley practised in the Quality Department but also the rest of the departments as well, guaranteeing that everyone is acutely aware of the current health care legislation which must be adhered to in order to produce safe food.

One of the stages consists of making exhaustive quality control checks of our suppliers, thus ensuring the quality and traceability of our products. This in turn enables us to determine the smallest detail of the whole process; from the birth of the chicken to its final destination with the customer.